Recipes for Organic Sweet Potato Puree


Sweet Potato Pie

We love this simple recipe so much, that we added it to the back of our cans!


Sweet Pecan Cakes

This deliciously sweet, crunchy cupcake recipe is a must!  Inspired by recipe from  


Ultimate Pancake Party Mix

Are you looking for the perfect gift that’s both thoughtful and quick?  Look no further!  Farmer’s Market is to the […]


Ginger-Topped Sweet Potato Cupcakes

These creamy little cupcakes are a lighter version of the traditional cupcake, using organic sweet potatoes and Greek yogurt.  This […]

oatmeal sweetpotato

Oatmeal Sweet Potato Muffins

The perfect breakfast meal on the go!  The oatmeal and sweet potato will keep you full and ready to face […]


Kim’s Sweet Potato Soup

This soup is a favorite at the office.  It’s a delightfully creamy, vegetarian, and gluten-free sweet potato soup.

sp biscuits

Sweet Potato Biscuits

This recipe is a variation of Martha Stewart’s Sweet-Potato Biscuits.  The dough is very sticky but don’t be alarmed, the […]


Patriotic Sweet Potato Cupcakes

What could be more fun than patriotic cupcakes?  As a family farm that proudly grows and sources everything in the […]