Our Story

Our story begins in 1985 when newlyweds, Bill and Karla Chambers, planted their first two crops.  They named the farm after the area, Stahlbush Island.

“We put our heart and soul into ensuring that our land will be fertile, healthy, and bountiful for future generations.” ~ Karla S. Chambers

The Farmer’s Market brand of organic purees was launched in 2005.  The velvety smooth purees are bursting with gourmet flavor and vibrant colors.  The line makes it easy to create breads, muffins, pancakes, cookies, stews, soups, and biscuits while adding fiber, nutrition, and richness to meals.  In 2011, a new BPA-Free liner was introduced to the entire line of Farmer’s Market products.

The entire farm is powered by green energy.  In 2009, the first biogas plant of its kind in North America began turning agricultural waste into electricity and heat.

“It’s a closed loop cycle. We’re producing electricity, using the engine exhaust to make steam and blanch our vegetables, taking the hot water out of the jacket for our food processing plant and keeping the digester warm, using the hot air that radiates off the engine to dry seeds with. And we’re getting a rich wet and dry fertilizer as a byproduct.” ~ Bill Chambers

The plant produces enough energy to power the farm and approximately 1,100 homes or nearly twice the amount needed for the farm and food processing plant. The leftover agricultural matter from the biogas plant is then used to fertilize the dozens of crops spread out over nearly 5,000 acres that comprises today’s farm. Bill and Karla have raised four children on the farm. Today, the pair still live and work on the farm.