We are committed to the Customer.
We are committed to Quality:
  • We will strive to meet even the highest customer standards.
  • Our focus on finished product will start in the field: all employees will contribute to the quality of the finished product.
  • Our products will meet all food safety requirements.
  • Our ability to consistently provide the highest quality food products allows us to achieve long-term success and contribute to our local economy.
We are committed to Sustainability:
  • In order to improve our environment, we will strive to reduce pesticide use, improve soil health, and improve and conserve water resources.
  • We will make responsible business decisions to ensure the long-term success of our business.
We are committed to Innovation:
  • In order to continue improving our environment, we will continue pioneering sustainable farming practices.
  • We will embrace change and new technology to improve our work environment and increase efficiency.
  • We will meet our customers’ changing needs by defining and creating new products and services.
We are committed to People:
  • We will create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.
  • We will strive to create a workplace that fosters employee growth, motivation and success; we want to be a preferred employer.
  • We will strive to develop successful long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and the community.
  • We will protect our environment and our community by minimizing our use of chemicals, and using them appropriately in the safest possible manner.
We are committed to Integrity.